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Granite & Stone Cleaning

Did you know that U.S. restaurants are not allowed to install granite surfaces in their food preparation areas?

Granite is porous, which allows bacteria and other harmful germs and pathogens to grow and reach the surface area.

Zerorez® can make your granite surfaces more hygienic with our proprietary, nano-technology sealer, applied by our trained professionals. Our proprietary product actually fills the porous areas of your granite surfaces and inhibits the bacterial migration within the granite material. This effectively suffocates the bacteria present at the time of application and keeps other bacteria from finding a place to grow and attract other bacteria.

Using the Zerorez® nano-technology to fill granite’s porosity:

  • Creates a more hygienic granite surface.
  • Creates a smooth surface that penetrates the porous surface and makes it much easier to clean and maintain
  • Leaves a more beautiful finish.
  • Uses GREEN technology that protects your home and the environment

We also clean stone, in fact, all surfaces with a long-term protection. Included in our process is our Powered Water® and proprietary, GREEN, non-toxic cleaning agents. The Zerorez® process:

  • Cleans with GREEN technology
  • Protects surfaces against bacteria, pathogens and harmful germs
  • Reduces cleaning frequency and everything stays cleaner longer
  • Creates a healthier living environment
  • Keeps your surfaces looking new

Zerorez® offers a remarkable and GREEN solution to cleaning your tile, countertops, glass surfaces, natural stone and other hard floors surfaces. When we clean we also protect against harmful pathogens and keep those surfaces looking their best. Traditional tile and surface cleaning often employs soap and detergents to break up the soil, but this leaves an invisible residue film on your countertops, glass and floors. This film actually attracts dirt and over time discolors the grout and hard surfaces. Now, you don’t have to scrub your grout lines for hours at a time or worry about unclean and unprotected surfaces —

Zerorez® has the solution!

Our patented cleaning process removes built up residue and soil. This cleaning process safely returns your floors and hard surfaces to their original appearance and luster.

Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Services in Savannah & the Lowcountry